The VIFF is an on-line film festival dedicated to you–the dreamer, the comedic genius (and most of all) the American. We believe that your stories of using your right to vote and raising awareness of the barriers used to deny that right will help enlighten others to do the same. Have an idea for a political satire that is too funny to keep in the vault? Is there an elderly couple in your neighborhood who have wisdom to impart of why they’ve voted all these years? Do you have a testimonial of casting your first vote as a first-generation citizen in 2008? Shoot it, edit it and send it to us. And for all you spoken word artists who have a poem you want to give to the masses, our mic is open to you.

Your videos of everyday heroism, unscripted candor and viral-ready hilarity add depth to the overall mosaic of this country. The time is now and we need you now, more than ever. Submissions are now closed. Check out our winners! 

The Vote It Forward Festival is generously sponsored by Dr. Alicia Underwood.