All eligible Americans have the right to vote, but the rules for people in the armed forces or abroad are different than people living in the United States. For information about voting abroad, contact the Federal Voting Assistance Program ( or 800-438-VOTE). Also visit the

Overseas Vote Foundation for detailed information on registering and voting overseas.

If you’re out of state, you’ll need an absentee ballot. How do you do this?

1. Easy! First, check to see if you are currently registered to vote at this site.

2. If you are not registered to vote yet, use our tool to the right or go to to register.

3. Then, go to the Absentee Ballot request site and create a login for a Voter Account (or you can continue without one).

4. Fill out all the appropriate information and click “continue”. The next page will ask you to create an account again or continue without an account, continue to the next page.

5. Finally, download your form for print, sign it, and send it in to your Election Office address that is provided for you!

That’s it!

Information culled word for word, with thanks, from the wonderfully informative website of